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About the breed

Red and White Irish Setters are medium-sized dogs, well-balanced and proportioned, athletic, good-natured, strong and powerful. Keen and intelligent, kind and friendly, although at the beginning they might seem to be reserved, as they are wary of strangers, they choose friends very carefully so one must deserve their friendship. They are affectionate, fun, cheerful and bring this joy of life to the family. They are very active, energic, impulsive and get excited very quickly. But most of all they are practical gundogs which work with extraordinary determination and passion, although might be mischievous if not trained. They are wonderful with children, dogs and other pets, but will chase cats.

Irish Red and White Setters are very trainable and eager to do things, but learn more slowly than other setters. They are thinking dogs which means they can use their knowledge and solve problems very easily. On the other hand their are rather independent and their obedience is medium. They are good watch-dogs and will warn against strange sounds, also are more wary than Red Setters, but although they are very courageous they will never be guard-dogs because they have a friendly attitude towards people.

The best owner for IRWS is a dog-experienced, active person living in a country, as these dogs need regular exercise, free space and mental challanges. If not given enough exercise they can become nervous and distracted. If their owner is passive they can be difficult to train, so a firm acting, proper communication and lots of exercise is very important. The training should be started early as this breed is subject to bad habits at early age, particularly if owners cannot establish their influence.

IRWS need regular grooming, brushing, ear and nail care.

IRWS were always carefully bred by responsible people and health problems are minimized. They rarely get sick but are prone to genetic faults such as hip and elbow displasia, CLAD, vWD, PRA and PPC, ear and heart problems, epilepsy, skin allergies and torsion. Luckily thanks to DNA tests it is possible to detect some diseases and breed the dogs responsibly.

Short information:

hight: males: 62 - 66 cm, females: 57 - 61 cm
weight: 25-34 kg
life span: 10-15 years
litter size: 4-10 puppies
FCI standard

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